Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston

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Whitney Houston has died. She was only 48. Whitney was found in her 4th-floor room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel by a member of her entourage. When the paramedics arrived, Houston was found unresponsive. CPR was performed and never work. Whitney was pronounced dead at 3:55PM (February 11th, 2012). 
Another sad news through out this week.
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The Bodyguard. The legendary film. I won't forget this. 

Abusing drugs do not bring any good to anyone, you know? Whitney lost her treasured gift, her gorgeous voice that she once had, as she failed to hit notes during her world tour and left many fans unimpressed. That was a sad chapter in her life, really.

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Thursday night, among her last moment.

It has been a sad week. I've lost my old friend, Bryan Ebe this week. Goodbye old friend. Rest in peace Bryan Ebe.
Rest in peace Whitney Houston. 

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