Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Daddy's Girl

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Some guys always shy away from this type of girl, the daddy's girl. Who is she? Who is the daddy’s girl?

There is something special about the relationship between a good daddy and his baby girl. If you go to tHe Spring,  shopping mall. you might see a daughter and the daddy spends time together.We can assume how close the girl is with her dad and not her mum. 

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To understand and to figure out a girl is to figure out her relationship with her daddy. There are a few types of girls walking on this earth. Some of them are very common in our society.

A girl who grew up with a distant father which makes her look for a man to be the daddy she never had.

A girl who had an overbearing possesive father, which makes her suspicious of getting entangled with guys.

 A girl who can live independently without her father.

   Then, a daddy’s girl.

Some might say, having a relationship with the daddy’s girl is like pain in the ass. Some might say, the daddy’s girl is the most disturbing female creatures. Why is that so?

Maybe she oftenly relies on her womanly wiles to get her way and she can gives her boyfriend a "low-self confidence shot" by telling her boyfriend how wonderful her dad is. But, to be fair, she's really great, loaded with self-confidence. Simply because her dad supported almost everything she had attempted in life.

But the most important thing is, the daddy’s girl can be the greatest of flirts ever. Why is that so?

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It's simply because she has spent years and years practicing with her daddy. She, who always teases her daddy about everything. Teases the way her dad talks while shaving. Teases her daddy while he wasn’t in a good mood and having the worst day.

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She, even can make her dad smiles even though her daddy had his DHOOMEST day. All in all, the best kind of a daddy’s girl will never expect her boyfriend to replace or to be on par with her dad. She knows that her dad isn'’t perfect but she remains loyal to him.

Even the girl's mum might have a long list of what to expect from her daughter, her dad in the other way around, accepts his girl for whoever she is, and whoever she becomes.

She maybe spoilt, being pampered too much but no matter how weak and how strong she is, the daddy accepts her the way she is. And yes, the daddy’s girl comfortables with a guy acting like...

a man.


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